Who Do You Love?

Ask the important questions and skip the garbage. If you only had one question to ask everyone you meet, what would it be? The right question can elicit so much more than a one-word response.

What’s your name?

Where’re you from?

– – – – –

Who do you love?

Mom, Dad, cousin, BFF, brother-from-another-mother, Grandma. Old piano instructor, last boyfriend, woman who always gives me an extra roll at the bakery, guy who drove me home, kid serving ice cream at the beach. My gurls from school and my boyz from home. Sweetheart, darling, dear, baby, cariño. Are you going to need an exhaustive list?

We complain about not being able to connect with people in real life and being afraid to talk on the phone or sit down with someone new at a bar – but we do it to ourselves. We whine about small talk while also being terrified to share anything real. What if we all went out tomorrow and committed to being 100% ourselves? “Over-share.” It could save a lot of time but could also lead to a lot of heartbreak.

Still, isn’t it better to have the challenge of putting your broken pieces together than having never been touched at all?

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