The Art of Drinking Tea


Allowing yourself to have a cup of tea after an at-home yoga practice is allowing yourself to have a few more minutes of the post-yoga bliss before you have to return to the bustle of life. What does tea really have to do with yoga though, you ask? Yoga and tea are two practices that I love, and I’ll explain to you just how similar they really are.

It’s important to prepare for a heated power vinyasa class with water, a towel, and appropriate clothing. Tea making has a routine as well, as the quality of the final product depends on water temperature, teapot type, the tea leaves, and how long you steep the leaves for. Of course, you feel good after a yoga class and after a cup of tea as well. Still, the true secret of both yoga and tea hides in the act of consumption.

Find the right style or flavor. Follow the routine. Tune in to your senses. Close your eyes and deeply inhale the benefits of your practice. Allow your mind to slow down and be present in the moment. Exhale.

I find stillness and comfort whether I’m holding a cup of tea or holding a down dog. Maybe tea isn’t for you, but everyone should have something that calms him or her down. At the end of the day, my bedroom is scattered with sports bras and my yoga mat, while different sets of tea cups and pots line my kitchen counter. This is what makes me smile. What things or traditions do you love that mesh perfectly with your yoga practice? From running to de-stress or knitting to relax, everyone deserves to discover their cup of tea.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. @shane says:

    Interesting post, never thought that art was associated with drinking tea.


  2. bhaesa says:

    Im reading this as I have morning tea and smile before starting my day, thats my art of drinking tea 🙂


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