Should You Practice Yoga by Yourself?


Many people who practice yoga regularly in a studio would never think to do it at home. I was hesitant too, for a while. I figured it would be better to do yoga with someone who knew the sequences better, or could correct my alignment. I was worried about my attention span at home too.  As it would turn out though, I knew plenty of poses (especially after the teacher training! ;)) and love practicing at  home now.  Unlike when I practice in a room full of sweaty people, at home I usually laugh and cry in the same hour. It is refreshing to bring such a cleansing practice to the place you live every day – it brings the positive energy home (literally)!

For those who aren’t exactly yoga teachers and are looking for simple sequences to follow at home, YouTube is where it’s at! Start with searching for a Sun Salutation A/B to get you started. After you’re more comfortable, instead of doing your poses along with the video, write some of your favorites down or memorize a bit of a sequence. Technology can be a major distraction in your down dog!

When you practice at home you’re free to hold poses for as long as you like, and can avoid that one pose that you want to die in – or test it out more, now that you have the time! You really get to slow down and explore how each pose makes you feel.

My friend Sydni Camillo posts lots of mini-sequences and how-to videos for challenging poses, so check out her Facebook page or Instagram – SC Wellness.

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