Want to Eat Healthier Without the Struggle?


You can whine all you want about how I must eat healthy because you see my Instagram posts of homemade dinners – and yes, I do eat healthy foods for the majority of my meals. But then comes snack time, and all hell breaks loose.

I just added the rest of the Nutella I had to the store-bought cookie mix I got, and later, dunked these cookies in heavy cream because we didn’t have soy milk and what else was I supposed to do.

Quingombó and salsa!
Quingombó and salsa!

The easiest way to eat healthy is to stop eating junk, cold-turkey (don’t eat turkey though) for only one or two days. Nothing with preservatives, After that, really really pay attention to how your body feels when you eat. I feel like garbage after I eat cookies, chocolate chip muffins, ice cream…. it’s my body saying “STOP THE MADNESS.” After you recognize the difference between how you feel currently and how you could feel (think back to those two days of kale smoothies and spinach salads), it becomes a lot easier to choose healthy. Not always, but sometimes.

Sometimes you have pumpkin pie after lunch and lollipops when you study, and fry up some okra with homemade salsa before running out to start your weekend.

I need lettuce.

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