How to Get People to Say Nice Things About You at Your Funeral


Well, perchance you can start a little earlier than your funeral – what do you want to be able to say on your deathbed? Got it? Now work backward from there to figure out what you should be doing today. If you can’t think of what you’d like to say, let me start you out by telling you some things you won’t be saying:

  • I should have spent more time at work
  • I wish I used my phone with more frequency
  • My best ideas came to me while pulling all-nighters to work/study
  • I shouldn’t have traveled so much
  • Life is much more serious than I thought
  • I probably should have dusted the living room more often
  • If I hadn’t loved so much, so early in life, I would have had more love to use now. Goddammit.

I tell my students in yoga class to think of what question they would ask someone who they just met – if they could only ask them a single question. Forever. Suddenly it doesn’t matter what age they are, if they have a degree, or where they’re from.  Find your question, and then ask it to yourself. How would you currently answer, and is it different from how you’d like to answer if you were minutes away from death?

What do YOU want to say before you die? Why haven’t you said it already? Let’s hear in the comments!

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