I Cut My Paper Towels Into Quarters

Yes. My roommate and I cut our paper towels in half, or in quarters to use for napkins. College life. It’s not that we have absolutely no money, it’s just that every cent is being spent on the weekends or saved for next semester’s tuition. If you want to live like you’re an adult with full-time job (but you’re not) on the weekends, you gotta save up during the week. I’m trying to slowly whittle down the number and cost of items I need for essential every-day-living — I don’t know how many suitcases I can carry with me when I get off a plane in South Africa, Costa Rica, or Cameroon in January. Side-note: I have just applied to seven (7!) co-op positions, so hopefully the interview process will be starting soon!

Summed up in what I believe is haiku form, here, I present to you: College.

Reuse our zip-locs

Drink juice from a wine glass

Put water in our soap


Eat snacks from shot cups

Dance until the police

Send us home, Sunday.


Oops, it’s just Tuesday

My professor hates me

I got an A though.

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