Breaking News: Yoga Instructor Can Run, Gives Vague New-Teacher Advice

I’ve been trying to go for a quick run about every-other day… and for the first time in my life, this plan is actually working out! I run just over a mile, dancing to tunes like Pégate Más and Can’t Hold Us (which, for the record, has the perfect beat to match steps with) to make things a little more bearable. I strongly encourage dance-running, which boils down to just dancing in public while wearing workout gear. In retrospect, it may not be the best choice for someone trying to run a 5k without passing out.

In other news, I taught my first yoga class at Northeastern today! I had a blast doing it, and hopefully my students thought it was okay at the very least…

Before the class, while my friends gawked and asked how I could possibly teach to a group of thirty people without melting into a puddle of nervousness, I almost collapsed in excitement. Literally, ask my poor roommate whom I insisted leave with me a half hour before the class started (which took place a five minute walk away from our apartment). The entire experience was convivial (*cough*ad*cough*), for me at least, and the excitement hasn’t gone away because I get to do the exact same thing tomorrow! The best advice I have for new teachers, as a new teacher, is to turn that nervous energy into positive energy. BAM. Class = taught.

After the class, my mother texted me and exclaimed that it was a “win-win” if I had fun and also got paid. I had totally forgotten about that… I GET PAID TO TEACH STRANGERS HOW TO STRETCH AND BREATHE! How did I not do this sooner? Looking back, becoming a yoga teacher has always been in the cards for me. The very first career I chose as a seven-year-old was a science teacher. I flirted with the idea of teaching for most of my childhood, but in high school decided that it was definitely too boring for me. I couldn’t see myself performing the same job, year after year, for the rest of my life. Plus, kids these days are rough! School teachers are amazing people, but that’s just not me. Yoga teaching, however… any job I can do in bare feet is a job for me!

Yoga is simply the word for everything I’ve believed in or for any spiritual practice I’ve tried to follow in the past – so right now, teaching it is 100% the most authentic thing I can do as a person. I can only hope that YOU are able to find your “true calling,” as corny as it may sound. I don’t think that teaching yoga is the only profession I was made to be involved in, but it is definitely the best thing for me right now. As Iyengar said, change is permanent – I love where I’m at, but still welcome change.

If you’re stuck in a rut, think of that one thing you always wanted to do; that “when I grow up” dream. And *expletive*-ing do it. It may require a little grown-up reformation, but it can be done. Do it even if it scares you. Actually, do it because it scares you. I never said I wasn’t scared to take the first step toward becoming a yoga instructor. I was afraid to move to Boston from a small town in New York and I was scared to share my love with all of the new people I met. It’s all worked out pretty amazingly thus far, so I’m ready to push the envelope again. I’m scared to death to leave yet another city behind, in search of a co-op position next year, but I’m also totally ready to do it. Huge increases in happiness can’t occur without huge dreams, and a couple giant leaps of faith. If you’re uncertain, check out the story of Dr. K in the book Infinite VisionOne huge goal and unlimited success.

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