Nothing to Lose

I’m writing today from the comfort of my very first apartment, getting ready to start a new year at Northeastern University. Just being on campus again is exciting and it reminds me of just how lucky I am to be living in this city.

I’m also incredibly lucky to be at that beautiful crossroad in life in which I have everything I need, yet nothing to lose. The apartment I just moved into has more “tchotchke” and decorations than may be necessary, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I were asked to leave it all behind. I suppose this is a good thing, because that is essentially what I’ll be doing in January when I leave for my co-op! I’ve been asked repeatedly if I’m sure that I want to leave the country for work in the spring, but if not now, when? I’ll never have fewer responsibilities or less student debt… Now is the perfect time. As it would turn out, it’s also the perfect time to try bunk beds for the first time. To quote that bad movie, now we have much more room for activities!


As I mentioned, I just moved into a new place, for the third time in the past year. I’m living with the roommate I was assigned to my freshman year, and we get along magnificently. That being said, I can’t help but wonder, what went wrong with our incoming-student-roommate-survey? Were we being trolled by the university? We’re opposites when it comes to almost everything, from what we eat to how we act. I’m loud, she’s quiet. I’m messy, she’s neat. I’m incredibly emotional, she knows how to hold herself together. Of course, the universe makes everything happen for a reason, and someone somewhere knew that we would become best friends. I think we’ve both been handed a lesson in tolerance, and definitely in giggling. Just like yin and yang, we help each other with the things the other lacks – she keeps me grounded!

Take a closer look at your life today – maybe you too, have everything you need, BFFs included, but still nothing to lose. The most important things will always stay with you no matter where you go, anyways, so don’t let fear stand in your way of doing what you’ve always dreamed of.

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