“But My Potential Future Baby Doesn’t Like Yoga” and Other Ridiculous Excuses

I have a confession to make. After I finished my yoga teacher training last month, I went two weeks without practicing asana.


After the pretty much constant practice during my teacher training, my body wanted a hiatus. And, true to yogi form, I listened to it. I felt guilty at first, but after taking a “break” from asana (poses), I noticed that my practice was stronger than ever when I got back on my mat. Surprising, right? Who takes a break from a workout and comes back more fit?

I did not go without practicing yoga entirely though, and I took these two weeks to focus a lot on the other 7 limbs of yoga. I think that strengthening other parts of my practice helped me to focus more when I resumed asana. Perhaps it wasn’t only my body that wanted this break!

Justttt enough room between the bed and the dresser

This past week I have gotten back into the habit of doing asana regularly, but I’ve mostly been practicing in my home. Now, I’ve heard a plethora of reasons why people aren’t doing yoga. Yeah, you know who you are. The biggest two people admit to are not having time, or not having space to practice on their own. A few that we’re less likely to admit to — no money for lululemon sports bras, feeling that we’re not good enough to go to class with that 75 year old doing headstand, we’d rather just sleep, or eat a gallon of ice cream out of the carton…. (the good news with that last one is that YOU CAN DO BOTH).

BUT, with the interweb at your fingertips, you can just as easily Google “30 minute yoga flow” as you can find my blog. So put on those old sweats and cut-off shirt leftover from the 80s and GET ON YOUR MAT. Or towel. Or grippy carpet. Whatever you have, works. Find a yoga-mat-sized-space and get movin’ (but always listen to your body first. Maybe today isn’t the day). This is where I practice right now. It may not be ideal for flip-dog or spinal twists, but it is more than do-able.

Taking a yoga break during a packing-session is great!

Just like everything else in life, go in with a great attitude and you’ll be surprised with what you receive.

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