I Wanted to Be a Hula-Hooping Street Performer

Speaking of raising dreamers… It’s Throwback Thursday! I wrote this when I was a freshman in high school, and rewrote it as a sophomore. Do enjoy the tale of my life. Oh, and here’s a picture of myself and Brianna, the girl in the story!

Bri on the left, and me on the right
Bri on the left, and me on the right

5 years old. Day One, bring it on. I got on the bus that day sweating over whether or not to use a seatbelt. I climbed up the stairs too big for my legs. Now what? Three rows back, to the left a girl was sitting pushed to the window, with long brown hair. Go for it. “Can I sit next to you?”
     “Okay. My name is Brianna.”
     “My name is Nicole.”
     “Want to be friends?”
     “Sure. Do you wear your seatbelt on this thing?” As they say, the rest is history. That was the only year we ever rode the same bus. Different classes, different friends, different clothes: but same us.

Later that same year, I distinctly remember walking into Wegmans, holding Dad’s hand. I was thinking…tomatoes – gross. School is going to be a whole new life for me. My days will never again be as simple or stress free as it was before First Day. Oops, I’m only 6. Fake a smile for Dad.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, March 2000, there were green paper footprints stapled to the floor. I knew my teacher didn’t do it though, because who has a stapler that can fit all the way to the basement to staple though the floor? How do those things work, anyways?

I made it from Day One to Kindergarten Graduation. Heck yes. I could read, while the other kids couldn’t. I could spell my middle name, they couldn’t. I could cut a circle out of construction paper, theirs looked like a triangle. My dress is cute… so is hers!

6 years later, 6th grade Graduation – I cried, thinking about those footprints on the classroom carpet and about how much time I spent at the same school. I will miss you, Leprechaun.

2 more years and middle school became the past- I cried, thinking about the work I will have to do in high school and how much people can change in such a short time. I will miss you, homework coupons.

2 more years – I laughed the day when I could see how the present was better than the past. I had the future figured out. I decided that I do not want to be a teacher, like Brianna and I both did when we met. I no longer want to be a scientist, like I decided at Kindergarten Graduation. I no longer want to be a chef or computer engineer, like I decided in middle school. I am no longer an unrealistic high school freshman; street performing is too risky. I want to be different. I want to keep doing things everyone else can’t. I want to be unsure of what to do at times and always make new friends. It was almost too easy to figure out, why hadn’t I thought of this before?!

When I grow up, I want to be happy. I want to be a pirate.

It’s definitely not too late…

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