56 Things That Happen When You Live In Boston


Just kidding, 56 is too many. How about four? Sound better?

Yes, there are many things that change when you move from white suburbia to a larger city, but I find that these things are exclusive to living in the center of Boston. Sorry to all of you who consider the “center” to be Newton or Revere, but I’m talking about Back Bay, Government Center, Fenway, Downtown Crossing…here it goes!

1. CVS becomes your Super Wal-Mart/Target/Wegmans. Suddenly it’s the best place to purchase ice cream, vitamins, nail polish, lunch…

2. You discover that you can literally walk anywhere you need to go. And this discovery never happened, as far as you’re concerned, once Winter hits. It’s downright dangerous to try to navigate the un-plowable side streets. And Sugar Heaven is farther away in December, I swear.

3. You either become a whole lot nicer, or much crueler. Everyone seems to have one of two ways of dealing with the homeless/poor population that we constantly bear witness to on the streets. Some people choose to give all their cash, maybe even a latte, to that man who never leaves the corner. Everyone else won’t even look in his direction or acknowledge his friendly “hello.” It’s either/or.

4. You wear whatever the hell you want, whenever you want. This is because, right in the middle of Boston, no one stares. You can dress or act however you like and you will be almost entirely ignored by the majority of the people around you.  Everyone’s busy and believe us, been there, done that. Ever walk by Berklee? You don’t even need shoes.

4.5 Okay, just one more. Things that you never heard of become extraordinarily commonplace. Slack-lining, heated yoga, cello-bearing back-packs, you name it. Seriously, everyone carries either a yoga mat, instrument, or skateboard. Ahem, sorry, longboard.

Where else don’t you need to wear shoes? (not that I recommend going barefoot in the area of Berklee/Hynes… at least for health reasons). Any other uniquely Boston hazards that you’ve experienced? Leave a comment below!

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